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Providing trusted support and guidance to help shield individuals and family offices from cyber attack


We know that private and family offices value personal data highly with a fervent wish to protect it. Francois Botha, reporting on a study in Forbes magazine in late 2018, observed that “Twenty-eight percent of international families, family offices and family businesses have already been victims of cyber-attacks”. Although, the statistics clearly indicate that family offices are becoming more frequent victims of targeted cyber-attacks, the report also stated that over 38% of participating firms had no cyber security plan in place. Yet, the damage from such an attack can be significant. Not only can attacks wreak havoc on systems, they can cause substantial reputational and financial damage. Botha concludes that “it is critical that adequate measures are put in place to defend these firms from the growing threat of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.”

It’s also clear that many of those in private wealth can have an approach to cyber security which focuses solely on systems; when research regularly reminds us that cyber criminals are actively targeting individuals through phishing emails and other ploys. However, often by necessity, wealthy individuals and their families typically have a highly visible online presence, and a broad network of people – making it easier for cyber criminals to both profile, connect with and target them.

How WMR can help

Entrusted by government departments to deal with threats from nation states in highly sensitive environments; we are trusted professionals who understand the importance of confidentiality to you and your clients. We advise, support and work with clients to ensure that cyber security encompasses people, as well as processes and systems. With an excellent understanding of the four main family office threats, namely Extortion, Espionage, Fraud and Cyber-enabled physical threats, we work with you to protect those with private wealth from the damage caused by cybercrime.

Our Services

WMR has a comprehensive range of service offerings to help you navigate the cyber security landscape and build resilience to cyber threats.

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