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Helping Government and Defence lead the way in demonstrating commitment to tackling cyber crime for citizen and state


Those working in Government and Defence know only too well that they are often the targets of choice for a vast array of threat agents, from nation states to ‘one-time hackers’. Yet those in the sector also face the challenge of managing complex, myriad legacy systems, which often store highly sensitive data. In May 2017, outdated systems within the NHS, were paralysed by a cyber attack, which hit more than 200,000 victims in 150 countries around the world. The NHS were criticised for their reliance on outdated computer systems, which are more vulnerable to hacking. With a duty of care to the UK public, it was a stark reminder to the Government that they should be leading the way in the fight against cyber crime, by demonstrating commitment to data protection, GDPR and best practice.

However, the Government is in the midst of a digital transformation journey, that is seeing it replace its outdated technologies and legacy systems. Yet, as the Institute for Government comments on their website, “Digital public services need to be easy to use, secure and save money. But someone needs to be responsible for… safeguarding against cyberattacks.” So, in short, although new technologies are helping to address the issues posed by legacy systems, they bring new cyber security challenges that need to be properly understood and managed.

How WMR can help

With expertise and trust gained in high profile military, national intelligence and commercial arenas, we offer unique insight, trusted independence and a rounded view of what it takes to deliver cyber resilience. We have a hard-won understanding of ‘mission critical’, while our extensive commercial experience provides a thorough grasp of the need to deliver to time, cost and performance parameters. Offering a comprehensive range of services, we help you embrace new technologies, whilst mitigating risk. Experienced in running high-level change management projects, we advise, support and work with clients to ensure that cyber security encompasses people, as well as processes and systems. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, to ensure that our capabilities complement and enhance existing resources, in helping you build resilience to cyber threats.

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WMR has a comprehensive range of service offerings to help you navigate the cyber security landscape and build resilience to cyber threats.

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