Utilising real-world experience to support companies in mitigating the risks posed by cyber threats


We know that for many businesses, data is now a key factor in their success. Data not only helps companies gain a fuller understanding of clients and prospective clients, it enables them to make better informed decisions. But this increasing reliance on data brings with it, a rapidly evolving set of cyber security and data protection challenges, that many are ill prepared to face. In April 2019, BBC Business News reported on the latest cyber security research by the insurer, Hiscox. “The insurer found 55% had faced an attack in 2019, up from 40% last year. But almost three quarters of firms were ranked as “novices” in terms of cyber readiness. Hiscox reported that a lot of businesses “incorrectly felt that they weren’t at risk”.”

Such research highlights the exponential growth in cyber attacks, that is affecting every sector of industry and society. Incidents such as those experienced by household names, including British Airways, TalkTalk and Marriott, demonstrate the significant impact that breaches can have on both reputation and brand. Yet corporates who are looking to address the issue, find themselves in a dichotomy, with the drive to leverage technology challenged by the widely reported lack of cyber security professionals. Such a shortage is also said to be driving up salaries, which in turn is leading to increased staff turnover, as employees move firms to take advantage of the opportunity for increased earnings. Securing and keeping qualified cyber security staff to mitigate cyber threats is therefore often time-consuming and challenging.

How WMR can help

With expertise and trust gained in high profile government intelligence and corporate environments, we are able to provide the corporate sector with experienced cyber security professionals with real-world experience. We work with you to take control of the cyber landscape, from Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 certification, through to our fully outsourced VCISO and VDPO provision. Experienced in running high-level change management projects, we advise, support and work with clients to ensure that cyber security encompasses people, as well as processes and systems. Tailoring our services to meet the needs of your organisation, we ensure that our capabilities complement and enhance your existing resources to help you build resilience to cyber threats.

Our Services

WMR has a comprehensive range of service offerings to help you navigate the cyber security landscape and build resilience to cyber threats.

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